We ALL should pay more attention to what a two year old says...

The Australian Open is on...two weeks of absolute bliss for mommy and daddy, and not so much for baby #1 and baby #2.  I'll spend the next 8 days (6 have gone too quickly) not entirely engaged as my sweet girl, age 2, spouts out some pretty lucid thoughts....and I'm missing it!


I'm preparing dinner-chili over pasta-V is running around like the wild child that she is, and baby A (3 months) is cooing at the chirping bird on his play mat, as the sun shines on his face, which subsequently leads to the cutest faces ever.  Nevertheless, dinner is done, and I am frantically trying to place V just so, so that I can tune into the Sharapova/Peng match. Ah-ha! V in her high chair, baby A happy as a clam, and mamma (me) feeling so proud to have dinner plated without incident.  I have given V one of her favorite dinner plates...you know, the ones with the compartments for each and every thing.  It is quite cute to watch their little minds gravitate to such a luxury. Well, if I place my sippy cup here, and my fork here, then my protein must go here, with my fruit in the corner, etc." Before I know it she's chatting about Santa Clause! It's January 24th, I tell her, Santa will be back in about 11 months.  She gives me the puppy dog eyes with a hint of "I have no idea what you're talking about, mom" looks, and I go about my business-focussing primarily on the little yellow ball. I pick up baby A, move him to the swing and here she goes again, "Santa Clause!"  I turn to her and realize that SC is on her dinner plate. Duh, mom, duh.  It took me about 1 second to understand that while I'm focusing on tennis, doing the laundry, frantically going through the night time routine, taking a shower, trying to find time to write this to you, etc., I am missing precious moments where my sweet (not so) baby girl is putting life together and recognizing Santa! That's a big deal, and I'm missing it.  She comprehends human emotion more than I could ever dream of.  She has empathy....to me... she is the most perfect human I have ever had the privilage to know-all of this in a 24 month old, and what is still so crazy to me is that she is MINE!  I bet you know exactly how I feel.

I have the highest privilage of forming two human beings, instilling morals by discipline (I am a tooough mom), and sensitivity by hugging, loving and communicating, along with a malage of others.  Here is my point, made by many others before me: Stop what you're doing.  Take the five minutes that your babies want with you.  Sit back and listen to what they are saying.  Look deep into their eyes.  Feel what they feel.  Love what they love.  Show them fun.  Be fun!  Make them laugh every single day,  better yet, make them laugh every hour that you spend with them.  Do the dishes later.  Screw dinner, have graham crackers and string cheese!  They're only going to want these moments with us for a few short years.. the letting go process has already begun.  Be the parent you want to be, and I truly believe that everything else will fall into place.  Our babies are our legacies.  Be who you want them to be.  

I am starting this post to share with all of you who parent, so that we may commiserate when times are tough, but most importantly to gloat about all of the amazingness that we get to witness.  With this blog I am inviting inspirational people to join in with me.  Stay tuned for everything from meal ideas to getting back to that healthy routine, to marriage counseling, and everything inbetween!  I want to create a space that lets you know how amazing you are for the role you are playing, whether YOU picked it, or IT picked you.  I want to be able to bitch about my shitty day without being judged.  I want to be held accountable for the things that I do---not so much by the things that I say.  

Thank you SO MUCH for being here. Bear with me.... ;)